19 January 2018
Dispatchers Role in Officer Safety Course (TCOLE #5102) - (2-23-18)

LOCATION:               Troy Hogue Law Enforcement Center - 3613 W. Highway 80 - Big Spring, TX

CLASS DATE:            February 23, 2018

TIME:                        8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

HOURS:                    8

COST:                       $179.00

Howard County Sheriff Office along with the Communications Training Institute will be conducting this 1-day workshop. 

This course consists of understanding the importance of Officer Safety, common errors, concept of control, overcoming hysteria thresholds, active listening, safety during traffic stops, domestic violence calls, Hot Calls, In-Progress calls, recognizing excited delirium, suicidal callers and many more.

The cost of the 1-day workshop is $179.00.   Government purchase orders accepted.

Course Closed

To register,
send email with student name on Agency letterhead
to:   register@ctinstitute.net

For further information,
contact CTI Training Coordinator
at 817-690-0160.


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